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ark Randall has been writing commentary and short essays for over twenty-five years.  His pieces have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, Harper's Magazine and Metro, among others, and have been cited in various publications including the Wall Street Journal.

     Not That You Asked, a broad sampling of his work collected in book form, was praised by Art Carey of The Philadelphia Inquirer for "elegant writing...that combines the literary lucidity of Edmund Wilson and the wicked wit of Oscar Wilde."  David Boldt, formerly of the same paper, placed the work alongside Thurber.  Unfortunately, fairness probably requires noting that both Carey and Boldt were Randall's former editors.  Then too, Carey is prone to a sort of hyperbolic, or perhaps anabolic, enthusiasm, and it is not clear whether Boldt was commenting on the book's stature or its placement on his nightstand. Still...

     On a tangential and even more minor note is Randall’s arcane (but short!) The Lost Book of Tennis Leviticus (Wherein the Lord Gives the People a General Tennis Etiquette).  If you don’t play tennis, you will probably not want to bother with this.  Then again, if you know someone who does, it would make a perfect little gift, especially since tennis – unlike smoking and golf – is sadly short on gift-like accoutrements.  Of course, if you happen to be a tennis-playing theologian, or know one, I think this book will seem to have been made in heaven.

     Randall makes the greater part of his living as a swing jazz pianist in Philadelphia where he lives with his wife, Kate and son, Clint.

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